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Privacy policy[edit]

Please read this policy carefully. Use of this site may result in your personal information being put up for sale.

Section I: Spy ninjas[edit]

We may hire and utilize spy ninjas in order to get your personal information. Please note that we reserve the right to sell and steal your personal information. This includes social security numbers and credit card numbers.

Section II: Advertisers[edit]

We also may sell your IP address to advertisers in order for advertisers to get your location. We may also see your mobile device coordinates. We may also see the sensitive files on your mobile device and hand them out to advertisers. This is for advertisers to target you with ads. We may also use your social security number as a unique identifier to know if it's the same user seeing the advertisement. We may also compare your social security number with your bank account password and compare it to make the unique identifier more precise. We may also use your social security number to target you with ads, as a unique identifier.

Section III: Agreements[edit]

We and advertisers may make agreements to collect and sell your personal information to them, and target you with ads based on your sensitive files on your computer, email, credit card number, credit card expiry date, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, Web sites visited, Web activity, real life identity, physical location, police records, public records, or potentially your social security number or bank account password. We do not offer privacy here. We may also make money from your information. As you are reading this privacy policy, ninjas may spy on you to log your activities and sensitive information including social security number and sell them to advertisers for top dollar.

Section III Part II: Children[edit]

We may also collect this information from children under the age of 13, although the minimum age for data collection is 5.

Section IV: 0spy[edit]

0spy is an online tool used to systematically estimate someone's real life identity. Our advertisers and partners may use this to target you with ads, using the information collected in Section III, including bank account password/social security number. Please note if you get banned from our service by IP address, you will additionally DDoSed as a punishment. Your identity and your browsing habits will be put up for sale to advertisers automatically using 0spy or by person. Also, if you are banned from our service either by account or IP address, additional personal information including all your online passwords and your web servers maintained as a punishment to advertisers for $0.00000001 USD.